Where are Sticky Notes saved in Windows 10 – Location

Sticky Notes is a Windows app, in addition to dissimilar other applications similar Notepad, it doesn’t shop text inward elementary TXT file. Instead, it stores all the information inward a database named plum.sqlite. Whatever text y'all shop inward available inward this database. It is a SQL Lite Database. In this post, nosotros volition come across where Sticky Notes are saved inward Windows 10, i.e., its exact physical location.

Where are Sticky Notes saved inward Windows 10

 it stores all the information inward a database named  Where are Sticky Notes saved inward Windows 10 – Location

Open the File Explorer, in addition to click on the address bar

Copy glue this address, and hitting Enter:


It volition let on the Stick Notes folder place along alongside all the files.

Look for a database file alongside cite plum.sqlite.

If y'all desire to re-create notes from this calculator to unopen to other computer. Copy the plum.sqlite file, in addition to glue at the same place equally unopen to other computer. Then when y'all launch Sticky Notes on unopen to other computer, y'all tin give notice come across all your notes. Make certain to read the detailed post service to Backup, Save, Restore Sticky Notes.

Extract Sticky Notes information without the app

Now nosotros know the place where Sticky Notes saves its data, in addition to that they are available inward an SQL Lite Database. While in that place is no means to read past times opening inward a Notepad, y'all tin give notice purpose a gratuitous SQL database reader such equally DB Browser.

 it stores all the information inward a database named  Where are Sticky Notes saved inward Windows 10 – Location

If y'all desire to read it without using the Sticky Notes app, hither is how to produce it.

  1. Download DB browser for SQL Lite, in addition to install it.
  2. Next, search for it inward the Start in addition to opened upwardly it.
  3. In the DB browser software, click on Open Database
  4. Navigate to plum.sqlite file location, in addition to conduct to opened upwardly it.
  5. The starting fourth dimension tab volition let on Database Structure, in addition to the bit tab is Browse data. Switch to it.
  6. It volition item all the information inward the Sticky Notes inward the shape of rows.
  7. Each row inward the database represents ane Note inward Sticky Note.
  8. Click on the Text column in addition to the information of that greenback volition appear on the left.
  9. Copy the consummate text past times using Ctrl + Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 in addition to Ctrl + C.

There is ane caveat, though. Each draw of piece of employment is preceded past times a text which looks similar to \id=2d4fe8d6-aec3-4ce9-8494-5169122d7597. You volition conduct maintain to take away all of them.

That said, y'all tin give notice become all geeky close it. You tin give notice re-create text from the database reader, in addition to brand an input to unopen to other database of Sticky Notes.

It is handy to know the Sticky Notes Saved place inward Windows when y'all require to conduct maintain a backup in addition to restore.

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