What is MSConfig or System Configuration Utility in Windows 10

When Windows boots up, a lot of things happen, including the loading of a lot of procedure in addition to applications. If whatever of these processes larn stuck, Windows volition either neglect to charge or charge real slowly. That’s is where the Windows inbuilt tool MSConfig or System Configuration Utility comes into action. In this post, nosotros volition run across how to opened upward & job MSConfig inwards Windows 10/8/7 in addition to how to cope startup items, kick options, Services & kick inwards Safe Mode, etc.

 including the loading of a lot of procedure in addition to applications What is MSConfig or System Configuration Utility inwards Windows 10

What is MSConfig inwards Windows 10

MSCONFIG or System Configuration utility helps users troubleshoot Windows Startup issues. It allows yous to cope startup selection, Safe Boot, enable or disable Windows Services, detect & launch organisation tools similar Performance Monitor, Resource Monitor, in addition to more. The System Configuration utility is to a greater extent than of a diagnostics tool in addition to offers about swell controls for configuring the startup of your system.

How to opened upward MSConfig utility

Open Run Prompt (Win+R), in addition to type msconfig. in addition to press the Enterkey. It volition launch the System Configuration utility. It volition display 5 tabs:

  • General: Allows yous to kick Windows inwards diagnostic or selective vogue when necessary
  • Boot:  Manage everything related to Windows boot, including Safe mode.
  • Services: Enable or disable Windows in addition to other services
  • Startup: The startup department is instantly managed via Task Manager.
  • Tools: Launch pop System services from here.

Let us receive got a expect at the features inwards detail.

1] General/Startup Selection

There are 3 types of Startup selection. The outset is the Normal kick where at that topographic point is almost no restriction on what ads to the kick process.  The minute is Diagnostic, which is useful to troubleshoot alongside minimal service spell Selective is where yous create upward one's heed what starts alongside Windows 10.

  • Normal—Boots the organisation without whatever diagnostic services. If yous are trying to diagnose a problem, yous should select i of the other ii options. When yous are for sure the number is resolved, click this setting to kick your organisation unremarkably again.
  • Diagnostic — This volition brand for sure Windows boots alongside essential services in addition to drivers plenty to laid out the computer. It helps yous to brand for sure to detect out notorious third-party services in addition to software causing the problem.
  • Selective —Use this department to speed upward calculator startup. You tin select to disable services in addition to programs which demand non laid out alongside Windows.

The Selective vogue non solely allows yous to laid out your organisation alongside essential services in addition to drivers (just similar diagnostic), but it also allows yous to correctly configure the job of additional services in addition to startup applications so yous tin piece of cake determine what is causing the job inwards your kick process. You tin become through in addition to plow on items i at a fourth dimension from the Service or Startup tabs in addition to run across how your organisation reacts when yous reboot.

2] Boot Options

 including the loading of a lot of procedure in addition to applications What is MSConfig or System Configuration Utility inwards Windows 10

The options for Safe Boot are:

  1. Safe Boot: Minimal: Boots to the Windows GUI but solely running critical services. Networking functions are also disabled. If yous detect your organisation is working at this level, in addition to so yous mightiness desire to seek turning on services to run across if they motility whatever farther issues.
  2. Safe Boot: Alternate Shell: Use this alternative to kick to a command prompt.  It volition continue the critical services running, but networking in addition to the GUI are disabled.
  3. Safe Boot: Active Directory Repair: Boots to the Windows GUI running critical services in addition to Active Directory.
  4. Safe Boot Network: Use this alternative to kick to the Windows GUI, running critical services in addition to networking. If yous don’t intend your job is inwards the networking services, in addition to so having the network turned on for your organisation volition help. It volition allow yous to access resources yous mightiness demand on the network or Internet for diagnosis.

The other options are:

  1. No GUI Boot: Does non display the Windows Vista splash cover when yous are booting. Instead, every bit mentioned earlier, the Aurora cover appears.
  2. Boot Log.: Stores data from the kick procedure inwards a log located inwards %systemroot% called ntbtlog.txt. Other technicians tin read these logs to detect what mightiness live causing your organisation to crash.
  3. Base Video: Just similar VGA vogue inwards times past, this vogue loads the organisation alongside touchstone VGA drivers instead of those that specifically relate to your hardware. This alternative is suitable for eliminating problems alongside video drivers. When inwards this mode, Windows runs at 640 X 480 resolution at which it volition eat less memory.
  4. OS Boot Information: Shows all the drivers during the kick procedure every bit they charge up.
  5. Make All Boot Settings Permanent: Once yous are done alongside the changes, in addition to desire to larn inwards permanent, select this option. However, produce recall that postal service this, at that topographic point is no piece of cake means to revert to the previous settings. You volition receive got to modify everything manually, in addition to so nosotros caution to job this alternative carefully.
  6. Timeout Settings: You tin configure dissimilar countdowns for your multiboot systems. You tin seek to type inwards what yous like, but it volition inquire for a number betwixt 3 seconds in addition to 999 seconds.
  7. Advanced Settings: These advanced options enable yous to configure such things every bit the number of processors, the amount of memory, in addition to Global Debug settings. Keep inwards heed that these options are last-resort choices to diagnose your systems. Use it nether the direction of Microsoft back upward services.

3] Services

 including the loading of a lot of procedure in addition to applications What is MSConfig or System Configuration Utility inwards Windows 10

If yous believe that whatever of the Windows Services is causing an issue, in addition to so this department lets yous deselect, in addition to assist yous figure. It lists all the services which laid out alongside the boot. You tin also uncheck the checkbox to forbid that service from starting upward the side past times side fourth dimension yous kick the system.

When yous select to deselect services, the startup vogue volition modify to Selective Startup. To brand for sure non to disable whatever of the Windows organisation services, cheque the box to select enshroud services inwards Windows.

Be careful when yous create upward one's heed to disable a service because yous mightiness motility other problems spell attempting to search for the i causing your master copy problem. Some services are compulsory for your organisation to operate correctly. Other services, if disabled, may throw off your diagnostic approach because yous may live affecting other aspects of your OS.

In other words, know why yous are disabling a service before yous produce it, in addition to empathise how that service may impact other services or features of your system.

4] Startup

 including the loading of a lot of procedure in addition to applications What is MSConfig or System Configuration Utility inwards Windows 10

In Windows 10, the department to manage Startup items is instantly available alongside the Task Manager. You tin select to enable or disable applications to laid out alongside Windows. I job it to brand for sure applications which register themselves to laid out alongside Windows tin live removed. It improved my overall boot timing.

5] Tools

The Tools tab provides a listing of diagnostic in addition to informational tools in addition to shows the place of these tools. From inside this tab, yous tin literally “Launch” whatever organisation tool, or yous tin banker's complaint the place or holler of the tool itself. What’s swell almost this is that it’s a fundamental place to all sorts of tools in addition to fifty-fifty a few preconfigured command-line options. E.g:

C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe /k %windir%\system32\ipconfig.exe

That said if yous desire to disable specific applications inwards the Startup menu, such every bit for sure spyware in addition to malware applications yous find, in addition to so yous should seek the MSCONFIG Cleanup tool. It tin also assist yous larn rid of its entry from the Registry in addition to take these items.

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