Make Windows 10 automatically backup Registry to RegBack folder

A Registry Hive is a role of the Windows Registry which stores all necessary configuration of Windows OS. Its a sensitive role of Windows 10 which should ever locomote handled carefully. While non many users brand changes, if yous planned to tweak it, together with it resulted inwards a severe problem, so at that spot is no tardily agency out. Usually, a System Restore tin terminate relieve you, exactly so yous bring to bring it enabled.

In versions earlier Windows 10 v1803, Windows would automatically backup the Registry. These backups were available inwards the RegBack folder located at:


Now the folder is withal there, exactly things bring changed, together with yous volition come across no files within it. In illustration yous facial expression upwards issues amongst your system, Microsoft instantly recommends yous to utilisation System Restore to restore your organization rather that using Registry Backups.

Make Windows 10 automatically backup Registry

 which stores all necessary configuration of Windows OS Make Windows 10 automatically backup Registry to RegBack folder

If your organization is configured to brand utilisation of these Registry backups, yous tin terminate tweak the settings together with brand Windows 10 automatically backup Registry to the RegBack folder.

To exercise this, open Registry Editor amongst admin privileges, together with navigate to:

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Configuration Manager

Right-click on Configuration Manager together with choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value together with refer it EnablePeriodicBackup

Double click on it to edit the value. Set value every bit 1.

Exit Registry, together with so restart your computer.

Now when yous log inwards to the computer, Windows volition exercise a novel business amongst the refer RegIdleBackup. This volition contend all the Registry backups henceforth.

To reckon the task, opened upwards Task Scheduler, together with expect for the refer inwards the list. If yous double click to open, yous should come across the following:

 which stores all necessary configuration of Windows OS Make Windows 10 automatically backup Registry to RegBack folder

It’s an incredible characteristic of Windows 10 which inwards my sentiment should bring stayed.

Says Microsoft,

This alter is yesteryear design, together with is intended to assistance trim back the overall disk footprint size of Windows. To recover a organization amongst a corrupt registry hive, Microsoft recommends that yous utilisation a organization restore point.

Nevertheless, if yous wish, yous tin terminate withal enable it together with proceed taking backup yesteryear next the instructions. You tin terminate utilisation these backups to restore the Registry manually.

Hope this clarifies the number every bit to why the Windows Registry is no longer backed upwards to the RegBack folder starting inwards Windows 10 v1803.

Free Registry Backup software

  1. RegBack is a costless Registry backup software that lets yous backup together with restores the Windows Registry inwards a few seconds.
  2. ERUNTgui is a graphic user interface for the pop registry backup together with restores computer program ERUNT together with NTREGOPT.
  3. Registrar Registry Manager will allow yous easily contend Windows Registry.


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