Kodi vs Stremio comparison – Which is better?

Kodi has been inward the marketplace for long, together with is mayhap i of the best things that happened to the gratuitous media streaming market. Stremio is a relatively novel media streaming app, but has been quick to gain popularity. It has proven to move a worthy alternative to Kodi.

Kodi vs Stremio

As obvious, the query arises whether Stremio is improve than Kodi or the latter silent holds its seat inward the market.

Which is better?

The response to this query isn’t a elementary one. Stremio is light, fast, together with a much to a greater extent than advanced technology than Kodi. However, despite existence inward the marketplace for at to the lowest degree ii years, it hasn’t been able to diminish Kodi’s appeal.

In this article, nosotros volition compare Kodi together with Stremio to aid you lot brand a choice.

Are Kodi together with Stremio legal?

Kodi is a media histrion together with equally a standalone media player, it is definitely legal. You tin post away install builds on it together with add together add-ons to it. What you lot current through those builds together with add-ons could move copyright content. Streaming such content could move legal or illegal depending on the province you lot alive inward together with the constabulary there.

Stremio is a media histrion too, however, different Kodi, around of the content is non downloaded to your system. You pick it upwards from the server. Stremio is non illegal equally a media player, but playing copyright content could be. Since you lot are streaming the content take away from the server, it is advised to move careful.

Various governments bring been great downward on builds together with add-ons for Kodi hence making them unusable. The same isn’t truthful for Stremio, however, that doesn’t hateful streaming every form of content on Stremio is legal.

  1. Easy of use
  2. Add-ons
  3. Buffering of media
  4. Security

The differences betwixt Kodi together with Stremio are equally follows:

1] Easy of use

Kodi is an splendid media histrion together with and then is Stremio. The existent divergence is acre streaming content from add-ons. Kodi is highly theme on third-party developers for developing its add-ons. You take away to install the add-ons on Kodi to purpose them. Even more, many agencies are great downward on add-ons, together with then it’s possible that you lot powerfulness install an improver together with it fails to work.

 together with is mayhap i of the best things that happened to the gratuitous media streaming marketplace Kodi vs Stremio comparing – Which is better?

On the other hand, Stremio fetches content from servers directly. It’s all in that location on the app. You only take away to search for the improver together with current the content.

 together with is mayhap i of the best things that happened to the gratuitous media streaming marketplace Kodi vs Stremio comparing – Which is better?

Stremio is much easier to purpose than Kodi.

2] Stability of Add-ons

If I had to purpose a media player, Windows Media Player is expert enough. I would rarely consider an alternative similar Stremio or Kodi to purpose equally my main media player. The real-magic of both of these products lies amongst the add-ons.

As mentioned earlier, agencies are great downward on add-ons for Kodi. They are shutting downward the add-ons for copyright violations. While all add-ons create non breach the terms, many bring been nether the scanner. Furthermore, you lot genuinely take away to download together with install the add-ons on Kodi which is a cumbersome process. Since the repositories are downloaded to the system, they occupy space. The addition indicate is that Kodi has a lot of add-ons to offer. Since they are developed yesteryear third-party developers, in that location is no boundary to the set out of add-ons that tin post away move created for the media player.

On the other manus the add-ons for Stremio are pretty stable. You create non take away to install them together with no means tin post away ban them. However, a few add-ons pick their content from torrent together with if agencies ban the torrent websites, the add-ons could conk useless. However, Stremio would silent bring to a greater extent than to offer.

The con amongst Stremio is that the add-ons are few. You wouldn’t bring much of a choice. Rather, Stremio is expert plenty for those seeking online amusement only.

3] Buffering of media

A crucial divergence betwixt Kodi together with Stremio is that Kodi is heavy together with Stremio is light. While it depends on the meshwork connection, you lot would rarely discovery Stremio buffering videos. This isn’t truthful amongst Kodi. Depending on the improver together with construct used, videos unremarkably buffer a little. Rather add-ons together with builds for Kodi are rated on the reason of buffering of media subsequently installing them. The less the buffering, the improve the add-on/build.

Stremio is a clear winner when it comes to dealing amongst buffering.

4] Security

Stremio is fairly secure considering it allows users to current content from verified add-ons. You create non download anything to your system.

The same is non truthful for Kodi. We download the add-ons together with builds for Kodi inward cast of .zip files. You never what is acquaint within the extracted folder. The possibility of malware cannot move ignored. It is recommended to read reviews of add-ons prior to installing them.


While Stremio together with Kodi are manifestly similar applications, the differences are notable. Stremio is a calorie-free application which picks upwards content take away from the server. It’s fast together with safe. On the other hand, Kodi is a pretty versatile application which has much to a greater extent than to offer. However, it is heavy together with installing add-ons is cumbersome.

Which i would you lot prefer? Let us know inward the comments.

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