How to encrypt a Document stored on Google Drive

Many of us utilization Google Docs for our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours documenting needs. With Google Docs it is slow to percentage your documents, collaborate too access it on whatsoever machine. The best business office is that you lot don’t accept to install tertiary political party software. Despite all the convenience, it is of import to secure your documents, too 1 of the best ways to practice too hence is yesteryear encrypting Google Docs.

How to encrypt Google Docs

In this article, nosotros volition walk you lot through multiple ways inwards which you lot tin encrypt a document stored on Google Drive. That existence said, Google doesn’t natively offering encryption characteristic for the docs. We are left alongside no options only to rely on workarounds too third-party extensions.

  1. Unshare Documents
  2. Encrypt Google Docs alongside Boxcrypt
  3. Encrypt Documents offline/before uploading
  4. Encrypt Google Doc files using VeraCrypt.

1] Secure Documents yesteryear Unsharing

 collaborate too access it on whatsoever machine How to encrypt a Document stored on Google Drive

Google Docs tin live on viewed/edited yesteryear solely those who accept access to it. Moreover, the sharing options on Google Doc volition allow you lot command fifty-fifty the smallest aspect. It is also worth mentioning that you lot require to larn out along your Gmail draw of piece of job concern human relationship safe. We accept listed about of the best ways to secure your Gmail draw of piece of job concern human relationship from attackers.

I would also propose you lot unshare the files after use. To unshare Google Doc files follow the steps detailed below,

  • Open the Google Doc
  • Click on the bluish Share push inwards the top correct corner
  • Click on the X score against each individual alongside whom you lot desire to unshare the document
  • Select Share too Save.

2] Encrypt Google Docs alongside Boxcryptor

 collaborate too access it on whatsoever machine How to encrypt a Document stored on Google Drive

Boxcryptor is an slow agency to encrypt your Google documents. It plant yesteryear syncing upwardly alongside your favorite Cloud service too syncs upwardly alongside the programs that are already installed on your computer. The Basic costless version of the Boxcryptor is sufficient for full general users. The costless tier offers 1 cloud provider, ii devices, community service, too an mightiness to percentage encrypted files alongside people who don’t utilization Boxcryptor.

That apart you lot tin also conduct an optional PIN or password for sent files too shipping an unlimited release of links. As far every moment safety is concerned, Boxcryptor uses AES keys, too for safety purpose, the same keys are never reused. The developers claim that they require to relieve about information on the cloud too assure that it is rubber on the Boxcryptor server. All said too done; I am withal apprehensive near giving access to my cloud get to a tertiary political party software provider. Download Boxcryptor from the homepage.

3] Password-protect Documents offline/before uploading

This is 1 of the best ways to counter Google Doc’s lack of encryption feature. Encrypt Google Docs yesteryear using Microsoft Office.

To encrypt opened upwardly the File > Protect Document > Encrypt alongside Password. Make certain you lot recall the password every moment in that place is no agency to recover it later. Once you lot are done alongside encryption, upload the file to Google Drive.

4] Encrypt Google Doc files using VeraCrypt

 collaborate too access it on whatsoever machine How to encrypt a Document stored on Google Drive

VeraCrypt is a tool that lets you lot encrypt whatsoever files. The procedure is completely offline, too you lot volition require to download too install VeraCrypt for the same. It supports an array of encryption algorithms similar AES, Twofish, too Serpent.

All you lot require to practice is practice a novel encrypted file folder on Google Drive too sync it alongside your PC. The newly created get volition seem similar an external difficult disc. Now you lot tin drag too drib all your files, too they volition live on automatically encrypted. Please authorities annotation that you lot volition live on required to install VeraCrypt inwards gild to decrypt the files.

I promise you lot abide by the post useful.


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