Add Read-Write access to Google Calendar on Thunderbird’s Lightning

Thunderbird is a pop free electronic mail customer software that comes with groovy feature. It comes with numerous add-ons that are used to extend its functionality too appearance. If y'all are a Thunderbird user, y'all would live on good versed with its pop plus called lightning which is used to organize too create create your import events, deadlines, meetings too holidays inwards a calendar that is completely integrated with your Thunderbird email.

One skillful affair nearly the Lightning plugin is that it allows y'all to add together around other calendar application similar Google Calendar with the read-only access. No dubiety Google Calendar is with the best calendaring software used till today. However, y'all may desire to decease along Thunderbird lightning calendar equally an Outlook alternative. If y'all are using Google Calendar across the devices too desire to gear upwards a sync betwixt Thunderbird too Google Calendar, y'all are inwards the correct place.

To larn to a greater extent than out of Google Calendar, y'all withdraw to integrate it with the calendar that y'all are using anyway. The Thunderbird lightning allows y'all to add together network-based calendars with read-only access, To cause got both read too write access to the external calendar similar Google Calendar on Thunderbird, y'all withdraw to install a plugin called Provider for Google Calendar to sync Lighting with Google Calendar. This provides bidirectional access to Google Calendar. In this article, nosotros explicate how to add together a Read-Write to Google Calendar on Thunderbird Lightning.

Add Read-Write access to Google Calendar on Thunderbird’s Lightning

To import  Google Calendar to the Thunderbird, y'all volition withdraw get-go to install the ii plugins called Lightning, which is the actual calendar application too Provider for Google to enable read/write access to Google Calendar. These ii plugins allow y'all to create an event, edit an event, too delete an consequence on your Google Calendar from inside Thunderbird.

Download  and install the Lightning Calendar addon

  • Within Thunderbird, larn to Menu too click on Plugins
  • Select the plugin Lightning too click Add to Thunderbird button
  • Once the download is complete, restart the app.

Download Provider for Google Calendar

  • Open this Thunderbird addon here.
  • Click on the Download button to salve the link

Install too configure the Thunderbird add-ons

ons that are used to extend its functionality too appearance Add Read-Write access to Google Calendar on Thunderbird’s Lightning

Within Thunderbird, larn to the menu bar too select Add-ons.

  • In the Add-ons Manager, click on the gear icon too select Install Add-on From File.
  • Locate the saved files on your organisation too click Open.
  • Click Install Now button
  • Once the installation is complete, restart the app.

Add too Import a New Calendar to Lightning

ons that are used to extend its functionality too appearance Add Read-Write access to Google Calendar on Thunderbird’s Lightning

  1. Launch Thunderbird too click on the Lightning icon inwards the overstep corner of the window.
  2. Go to the File Menu too select New
  3. In the Sub menu, pick out Calendar
  4. In the novel window, pick out On the network selection from the carte du jour too click Next.
  5. Select Google Calendar inwards the Locate your calendar window too click Next.
  6. Now come inwards your Google Gmail address too type Next.
  7. Enter your Gmail work organisation human relationship details inwards the prompt window.
  8. Once the sign-in procedure is complete, click the Allow push to grant Provider for Google access to your Calendars too schedules.
  9. Once done, y'all volition live on taken dorsum to the Create New Calendar window.
  10. Choose the calendar from your Google work organisation human relationship that y'all desire to include into the Thunderbird.
  11. After y'all select the calendar that y'all desire to utilization inwards Thunderbird, click the Next button.
  12. You volition live on prompted that the calendar has been created. Click the Finish push inwards the prompt confirmation window.

Once done, y'all volition straightaway live on able to utilization Google Calendar with the read too write access from inside Thunderbird.

Hope y'all tin larn it working successfully.


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