Tulamben Dive Center

Tulamben Dive Center

Tulamben is a village located on the northeast coast of Bali Island, facing Lombok Strait which is very rich in food for marine biota. Even some divers have met with Mola Mola Fish, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks in the waters of Tulamben. 

This makes Tulamben Village one of the best dive sites in the world in terms of diversity of marine life. Equipped with the wreck of the USS Liberty Ship, which drowned in 1963 due to the earthquake and the eruption of Mount Agung, which is so easily accessible to divers makes Tulamben one of the dive destination.

Is a local effort developed by Mr. ketut sukerdana and family, he is very friendly and fun

In addition to diving you can also enjoy lunch dish in there, Mr. ketut sukerdana also has lestoran to
serve its guests

Or If You Want to enjoy the night in tulamben you can directly stay at seahuahua home stay

I guarantee you will be satisfied with the service of diving instructors who are there

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