Culture Of Bangli Bali

Culture Of Bangli Bali

 Bangli regency is a district located in the province of Bali, Indonesia. 

Bangli regency is the only regency in Bali that has no beach (landlocked).  Bangli is adjacent to Buleleng regency in the north, Klungkung and Karangasem regencies in the east, and Klungkung regency, Gianyar in the south and Badung and Gianyar in the west.
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 According to the inscription Pura Kehen is now stored in Pura Kehen, it is told that in the past Bangli village developed an outbreak of a disease called tilting which caused many of the population died. Other surviving and healthy residents became scared half-dead, so they flocked to leave the village in order to avoid The outbreaks. As a result Bangli village became empty because no one dared to live there.King Ida Bhatara Guru Sri Adikunti Ketana who reigned at that time with all efforts to overcome the epidemic.Setelah recovered state, the king who at that time reigned in the year Caka 1126, date 10 years Paro Light, Maula market day, Kliwon, Chandra (Monday ), Wuku Klurut precisely dated May 10, 1204, ordered his sons and daughters named Dhana Dewi Ketu to invite residents to the village of Bangli to jointly build their own homes as well as organize ceremony / yadnya in the month of Kasa, Karo, katiga, Kapat , Kalima, Kalima, Kanem, Kapitu, kaulu, Kasanga, Kadasa, Yjahstha and Sadha. Besides, he ordered all the pendududk to increase their descent in Pura Loka Serana area in Desa Bangli and allow to clearing forest to make rice field and water channel. For that at every great ceremony of the inhabitants of the village of Bangli harys prayer.At that time, on May 10, 1204, King Idha Bhatara Guru Sri Adikunti Katana pronounced pemastu namely:"Whosoever does not submit and break the commandment, may the person be struck by lightning without rain or suddenly fall from the catwalk without cause, blind eyes without vise, after death of his soul tormented by Yamabala, thrown from heaven fell into the fire of hell".Starting from the Sang Raya decree issued on May 10, 1204, then on that date is designated as the birthday of Bangli City

Objek Wisata 

Bangli also has a tourist attraction that is not less interesting to visit

Among them :

 View of Mount Batur


Desa Trunyan

Bukit Kintamani 

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